1. Operator Station

2. Gravity Infeed Conveyor

3. Powered Conveyor

4. Robot/End of Arm Tool

5. Alliance Automation Bandsaw

6. Outfeed Conveyor

7. Safety Guarding

8. Vacuum System

Customization to Infeed & Outfeed sections available.


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How many blades come with the Robotic Pallet Dismantler?

The robotic dismantler comes with eight (8) blades total. One on the saw and seven (7) in a box.

Are the blades Bi-Metal?
Yes, the blades are Bi-metal.
Bi-metal blades combine a high-carbon steel body for flexibility and break-resistance, and high-speed steel teeth for heat-resistance, hardness, and durability. On average will last 10X longer than carbon steel blades

Description: 2” X .050 X 31’-11” Saw Blade

The Robotic Pallet Dismantler marked the entry point into the pallet recycling industry for Alliance Automation. Alliance sought to improve the processes involved in wooden pallets, especially the dangerous and tedious process of tearing down pallets.

The initial goal of automation for the pallet industry was to offer safer and greener solutions while keeping employees, imbuing them with advanced skillsets to oversee automation instead of being pushed out by it.


  • Double your output
  • Process more teardown pallets
  • Consistent throughput
  • Eliminate operator fatigue
  • Expand your available labor
  • Safer work environment


  • Concept designed to fit your facility
  • Install and training included
  • Daily production report available
  • Remote service access
  • One year warranty
  • Assigned service team


  • Peripheral equipment integration
  • Tipper infeed
  • Turn table outfeed
  • Multi-robot dismantler layout
  • Multi year service plans
  • Consumables replacement plan

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