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Multiple configurations & options for
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Fully automated solution that adjusts to SKUs in real time to handle incoming pallet loads.

Custom Palletizing

Fully automated solution for multiple lines, pallet feeding, and additional robots.


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Autonomous Vehicles Forklifts of the Future

Logistics and Warehousing: Pick and pack orders, transport materials, and move inventory around a warehouse.

Logistics and Manufacturing: Automated material handling collaborates seamlessly with automated equipment to integrate docks, production lines, and warehouses. This establishes streamlined processes, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of products.

Benefits of Material Handling Automation

Material handling automation significantly boosts efficiency and productivity by reducing manual labor and operational costs while enhancing accuracy and precision in handling materials. It improves worker safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous tasks and ensures consistent safety standards. Automation optimizes inventory management through real-time tracking, reducing stockouts and overstocks, and making efficient use of storage space. Scalable and adaptable, automated systems can quickly adjust to changes in demand or production lines. Additionally, the data collected from these systems supports data-driven decisions and process optimization, leading to better customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Need Automation
Solve labor problems
Increase in throughput
Increase in quality
Increase in reliability, productivity & safety
Increase in profits, reduce input costs

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