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Rooted in the heart of rural America, our team of hardworking and dedicated staff are what truly make our business what it is today. With nearly 200 employees, each member of our team plays an integral part in every process and build – from start to finish. From building small standalone machines to fully automated assembly lines, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with any business no matter the size.

When you work on our team, you become a part of our family. Not only does every customer we work with matter, but every employee matters, too.

Current Career Opportunities
Internships, Co-ops, O.W.E. and apprenticeships all provide hands on training and access to highly accomplished professionals in their field, but that is where the similarities stop. The time commitment, pay scale, along with the future employment opportunities greatly differ for each program. While completing an internship is almost expected for any college graduate seeking employment, a co-op and O.W.E. is offered to students to get more in-depth training in a specific field, and an apprenticeship is traditionally offered to full time employees in an identified field of study.
Internship programs at Alliance Automation are traditionally offered through a school or university and are often specialized rather than generalized for a particular trade. During the internship a student will be assigned to a master engineer to gain work experience exposure, resume experience, and financial compensation is provided. This program takes place over the summer and after the internship the student moves on, no classroom instruction is offered to the student from Alliance Automation, that is reserved for our apprenticeship
Alliance Automation’s cooperative college education program replaces classroom theory with real-life work environments of practical, hands-on experience prior to graduation. Through the co-op program, students are full-time employees gaining practical experience in specified fields of study while gaining college credit. The expectation of this program is based on what the student is learning and aligns with the college curriculum. The Co-op program runs the course of a semester and will provide students with a way to explore their career choice and gain academic credit for a structured job experience, all while being paid.
Alliance Automation’s O.W.E. educational program is offered to vocational school students. This program balances a daily classroom experience at the student’s home school and practical, hands-on experience at Alliance Automation. Through the O.W.E program, students can alternate academic study with part-time employment, gaining practical experience in specified fields of study. The expectation of this program is based on the student’s program of study and aligns with post-graduation work expectations. The goal of the O.W.E program is to have the student prepared to accept a full-time position with Alliance Automation after graduation. This program runs the course of a school year and through the summer, all while being paid.

At the heart of Alliance Automation’s core values is the commitment to employee growth and a positive, healthy work environment. In order to improve lives and grow people there must be a focus on employee development and training. Alliance Automation has created a learning culture within the organization by adopting a learning management system (LMS) that provides our team members the flexibility to learn virtually and in a classroom. Courses are assigned based on the current position held within the company. This style of learning allows growth within the company while providing progression tracking on courses assigned. This will show growth and development achieved when advancement is requested. This also provides a strategic path to further opportunities in their career path. Investing in our team, by providing access to a library of unique and professionally developed training courses, empowers employees. Our training system is designed to give individuals skills needed to improve their lives and become a more diverse and skilled work force.  

Alliance Automation’s apprenticeship training program is geared toward skilled technical jobs in areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering. The apprenticeship program is offered to employees who have the drive and desire the opportunity to study under the guidance of a master engineer. Employees are assigned to learn through observing the master engineer perform tasks and as well as classroom instruction. Our apprenticeship program is a four-year program and will provide a competitive wage and the employee will graduate with:
• Journeyman’s card as an Electro-Mechanical Technician from the state of Ohio
• Associates Degree from N.W.S.C.C. in Mechatronics Engineering
How does the apprenticeship program work?
• Offered to full time Alliance Automation employees.
• Candidate will enroll in classes at Northwest State Community College as an apprentice of Alliance Automation.
• Once enrolled, the student will take courses at Alliance Automation in our inhouse classroom. There will be a
mix of online courses and in person courses taught by an adjunct professor from N.W.S.C.C.
• This is all done while you are employed and making money working and doing what we do! On the job training is also a large piece of the apprentice ship.
How long does the apprentice program take?
• Our apprenticeship is a four-year program.
• Students will graduate from the program with:
• Journeyman’s card as an Electro-Mechanical Technician from the state of Ohio
• Associates Degree from N.W.S.C.C. in Mechatronics Engineering.
What does the apprentice program cost and what does it do for you?
• The cost is covered through State Grants and by Alliance Automation.
• Once the apprenticeship is complete, the possibilities are many at Alliance Automation.
• Lead an assembly team or business unit at Alliance Automation.
• Continue learning and work your way into engineering as a designer, or programmer.
• You could work your way into management.
How Do Internships, Co-ops, O.W.E. and Apprenticeships Differ?
• Alliance offers 10 internships throughout the year.
• 4 co-ops are offered to students throughout the fall & spring.
• Apprenticeships are given to 4 employees per year.
• Maximum number of employees that will be in the apprenticeship program is 16.
• Internships and co-ops typically last three months.
• O.W.E programs last a year.
• An apprenticeship, it takes 4 years to complete and requires a full-time commitment.

• Internships, co-ops, and O.W.E do pay an hourly wage while you are learning.
• An apprenticeship is a full-time paid employment position.

• The first year of an internship does not give the participant much responsibility. You will get to see how the company works and operates, but you won’t be assigned to tasks that greatly impact projects. Upon returning to Alliance after your first year you will be more responsibility in business fundamentals and assigned to project.
• A co-op participant will be given tasks that directly prepare them for their field of study. They will report to work just like a full-time employee and work alongside other employees.
• An O.W.E participant will be given tasks that directly prepare them for their field of study. They will report to work just like a full-time employee and work alongside them. They will simply split their day between working and attending school.
• An apprenticeship provides real on the job training in the profession you will eventually work in. You are seeing what you are doing for the rest of your career and provides complete responsibility for project tasks.
• An internship does not provide any classroom training.
• Co-ops do not provide any classroom training.
• O.W.E receives classroom training from their home school, not Alliance.
• The apprenticeship program does provide classroom instruction and it is a key piece of your employment with Alliance Automation.
• An internship does not always lead to full time employment after completion. What it does do for you is builds your experience and shows the employer the type of employee you would be. You would stand out in the hiring process because you have an understanding about the company and the expectations.
• A co-op student does stand a better chance of obtaining a full-time position after completion. The student is studying and applying the experience they gain to specific field. The student will have reported to work alongside full-time employees and fully participated in projects.
• An O.W.E student is working at Alliance with the expectation they will be full-time students after graduation. The student is studying and applying the experience they gain to specific job functions at Alliance. The student will have reported to work alongside full-time employees and fully participated in projects.
• Alliance Automation sponsors participants in our apprenticeship program, so it is only offered to full time employees. The participant splits their time between a full day’s work and classroom study. When you complete an apprenticeship, you’ve earned the certificate that says I’m fully proficient to do the job.

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