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Any time after the pallet is picked from the conveyor through cut completion, this fault can be triggered. This happens any time a pallet comes off the Robot EOAT (end of arm tool) while it should be getting dismantled. There is a bar that flags a prox switch on the robot EOAT that is pressed up by the upper deck of the pallet when the boards are held tight with vacuum. If the bar drops, the switch goes off and fault is triggered. Robot auto homes.

Recovery is removing dropped pallet and restarting cell.

There are sensors mounted on the saw to monitor blade speed and how hard the robot is pushing against the blade. If the blade speed drops below a certain rate a fault is triggered, the cell stops and the robot auto homes. The common causes of this error is the blade is pinched between boards or a switch is made to monitor how far we have pushed the blade back off the drive wheels.

Recovery is removing pinched pallet from saw and restarting cell.

This fault happens when the pick station lift can not raise up far enough to make the extended position prox switch. Normally this is because a piece of wood was not removed from the lower deck board of the pallet and it gets pinched between the lift and the conveyor frame as the pallet is raised to the pick position. Resetting the fault from the HMI while the cell is running will lower the lift and try to raise up again. Often, this is enough to resolve the issue. But if the fault immediately returns when lift raises again, the cell needs stopped and the pallet needs adjusted, or removed from pick station and then restart the cell.

Recovery is resetting the fault from the HMI while the cell is running.

This will happen if a pallet gets stuck between the Que Station and the Pick Station. This is operator error. Usually, the operator has orientated a pallet incorrectly on the conveyor and the boards fall between the rollers and gets stuck.

Recovery is stopping the cell and removing the pallet or orientating properly and restarting.

There is a thru beam sensor that is mounted on the top of the saw. It is used to make sure that the lower deck of the pallet was removed so the robot can lower onto the blade to remove the blocks or stringers. If that sensor is blocked while the robot is in the home position and the cell is running, this fault will trigger. As the fault reads, there is something blocking the sensor, or the sensor is dirty or damaged. Dirty issues can occur in very dusty environments if maintenance isn’t performed, and the cell kept clean. But cleaning is just blowing lightly with air. Blocked is usually broken pieces of pallets that may have ended up in the way of the beam.

Recovery is cleaning the sensor lightly with air or removing blocked material.

This error means the robot has had some pushback from the pallet. This normally occurs while picking the pallet and a board overhanging gets pinched on the conveyor frame or while cutting and a board pinches and stresses the robot. The operator should check the robot to see if there is any danger to the robot. If no danager to the robot is present, then the robot can be restarted from the HMI and the cycle will continue without stopping the cell.

Recovery is checking the robot for damage, if damage is present reset the cell and walk through check points on the robot.

Fault Codes

Minutes Count Fault Code Fault
1 1 1 SawStalled Stop The Robot
0 0 2 Vacuum Blower Soft Start Not Running When Commanded
0 0 3 Saw Motor Soft Start Not Running when Commanded
0 0 4 Saw VFD Faulted, Stop the cell reset fault and restart the cell
1 5 5 Lower Deck Board Sensor is ON with no Pallet on Robot
2 2 6 Pallet Present Sensor on Robot is ON when it should be OFF
0 0 7 Saw Blade is Broken or has Come off Wheels
0 0 8 Saw Blade Needs Tensioned Before the System can Start
0 0 9 Robot Cooling Fan Error
0 0 10 The Robot has a Major Error, See Teach Pendant for list of errors
2 4 11 The Robot has a Minor Error, Press reset, If alarm does not go away investigate Teach Pendant
0 0 12 The Robot has a System Error
0 0 13 Pallets Backed up on Reject Conveyor
0 0 14 Pallet did not Pick with Robot
0 0 15 Air Pressure Low
0 0 16 The Relay for Stopping the Robot when the Saw Stalls is OFF, Either the Saw Stalled or the Relay is Faulty
0 0 17 The Lower Deck Board Sensor on the Saw is Dirty, Damaged. Or Blocked by Debris, It is not reading as clear when there should not be anything blocking the sensor
51 49 18 Pallet Fell Off Robot
0 0 19 Inspection Flip Stop Open Timeout
0 0 20 Inspection Flip Stop Close Timeout
0 0 21 Inspection Lift Lower Timeout
0 0 22 Inspection Lift Raise Timeout
0 0 23 Reflector Gate Open Timeout
0 0 24 Reflector Gate Close Timeout
0 0 25 Gage Flip Stop Open Timeout
0 0 26 Gage Flip Stop Close Timeout
0 1 27 Pallet Transfer to Pick Que Station Error
0 0 28 Pick Que Flip Stop Open Timeout
0 3 29 Pick Que Flip Stop Close Timeout
0 1 30 Pick Que Pallet Transfer to Pick Station Error
0 0 31 Pick Flip Stop Open Timeout
0 0 32 Pick Flip Stop Close Timeout
7 5 33 Pallet Not Picked by Robot, Stop Cell and Remove Pallet
0 0 34 Pick Lift Lower Timeout
0 0 35 Pick Lift Raise Timeout
0 0 36 Data Checksum From Robot Invalid, Check Robot for Running or Data To/From Robot
0 0 37 Robot Data Checksum Acknowledge Bit Fault, Check Robot Program and/or Data
0 0 38 Pick Station Seam Gauge Blade Retract Timeout
0 0 39 Pick Station Seam Gauge Finger Horizontal Retract Timeout
0 0 40 Pick Station Seam Gauge Finger Horizontal Extend Timeout
0 0 41 Pick Station Seam Gauge Finger Vertical Extend Timeout

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