The Urban Sawmill
  • 1. Infeed Section
  • Feed Conveyor
  • Drop Deck
  • Unscrambler
  • 2. Optimization Section
  • Staging & Lug Chain Deck
  • Paddle Fence Module
  • Trimming Module
  • Vision & Laser Scanning
  • MCC/PLC Cabinet
  • Software Application
  • Operator Platform
  • 3. Outfeed Section
  • Conveyor
  • Drop Sorter
  • Bulk Bin Sort Categories
Urban Sawmill

Infeed Section - Urban Sawmill


Urban Saw - Optimization Section


Urban Sawmill - Outfeed Section

Customization based on your needs.​

Increase the feed speed withThe Robotic Pallet Dismantler
Combine with our Sort & Repair Systems

The Urban Sawmill

The increased reclaimed wood from the Robotic Pallet Dismantler gave rise to the next automation challenge; sorting and cutting. The Urban Sawmill processes individual pieces of lumber through a vision system to determine length, width and thickness to trim the lumber to the preset dimensions to maximize every piece of lumber. The cut lumber is then dropped into the appropriate bin to remove the need to manually stack the lumber.

From the first board to the last board cut, you will have accurate inventory to sustain your business.

Urban Sawmill Product Brochure

Take a closer look at the benefits your company will gain with The Urban Sawmill. Follow the link to download the brochure.

  • Increase throughput of cut lumber
  • Process boards and stringers at the same time
  • Ensure lumber is cut to maximize every piece
  • Eliminate the need for multiple manual saws
  • Insure a safer work environment
  • Concept designed to fit your facility
  • Install and training included
  • Post install support
  • Daily production report available
  • Remote service access
  • One year warranty
  • Assigned service team
  • Multiple infeed options
  • Bulk vs. hand unload
  • Custom configuration of sort categories
  • Peripheral equipment integration
  • Sawdust/scrap conveyance
  • Multi-year service plan

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