• Board Sizes: up to 63"
  • Dimensions: 387.7" L x 142.5" W x 182" H
  • Weight: 5,000 lbs.
  • Max Payload: 1,300 lbs. with bin
  • Electrical Requirements: 480/3PH
  • Hydraulic Requirements: HPU included, 1200 PSI, 4.5 GPM

6 Category Compact Bins

Integrates seamlessly with:

The Urban Sawmill
Badger Sawmill Series

The Perfect Partner

The Lumber Dumper is designed to integrate seamlessly within the Urban Sawmill and Badger Sawmill Series workflows as well as other pallet equipment. With custom designs available to fit your unique needs, this system makes for a comprehensive solution for your board sorting needs.


Take a closer look at the benefits your company will gain with the Lumber Dumper. Follow the link to download the brochure for specifications.

  • Increase throughput of cut lumber
  • Process boards and stringers at the same time
  • Ensure lumber is cut to maximize every piece
  • Eliminate the need for multiple manual saws
  • Ensure a safer work environment
  • Concept designed to fit your facility
  • Install and training included
  • Post install support
  • Daily production report available
  • Remote service access
  • One year warranty
  • Assigned service team
  • Multiple infeed options
  • Bulk vs. hand unload
  • Custom configuration of sort categories
  • Peripheral equipment integration
  • Sawdust/scrap conveyance
  • Multi-year service plan

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