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Smetco, Inc. was recently acquired by Alliance Automation.

Alliance Automation acquired Smetco in September of 2020, this acquisition has only led to bigger and better things for Smetco’s customers. Alliance Automation provides custom automation solutions to our customers, the merging of the two companies has allowed for greater options for business owners and customers. Whether looking for a simple or complex resolution to your pallet and material handling challenges, Alliance Automation has solutions to fit the needs of your business.


Robotic Dismantling

  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce operator fatigue.
  • Increase ROI.


The Urban Sawmill

  • Scan random deck and bottom boards for length, width and thickness.
  • Optimize and trim to desired finished length.
  • Individual sort bins capture the reclassified lumber of predetermined dimension.
  • Increase current capacity, precision and lumber yield.


Pallet Sortation and Repair Systems

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