COVID-19 Encourages Businesses to Invest in Automation

Safety –a top concern for many businesses – is becoming seemingly more important with the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. As businesses try to navigate through a wide variety of changes in their organizations, they are continuing to search out new ways to keep their employees safe as they return to the workplace. Many manufacturing facilities are known for their tight-knit spacing and large number of employees working in small areas. If they weren’t considering automation before COVID-19, they most certainly are now as they continue to find ways to practice social distancing among employees, improve their product line and keep their machines (and business) up and running.

Pandemic-Proofing Your Business

Incorporating automation into the overall business strategy allows companies to produce not only a higher rate of product, but also a more precise product – eliminating human error. This helps give businesses an upper hand against competitors’ in their industry and properly grow and scale their business for future success.

While increasing throughput and precision offer a major benefit to businesses, another seemingly important benefit of automation is the ability to pandemic-proof businesses. This means increasing both efficiency and safety among employees.

  • Less physical strain on employees – eliminating monotonous tasks and heavy lifting.
  • Creates more space (think – “6 feet apart”) between employees, allowing for easier social distancing and less cross-contamination of germs.
  • In turn, the system allows employees to grow in their career and be put on higher-level tasks.

How are you ensuring your employees are safe in the workplace? If you’re ready to talk automation and how you can pandemic-proof your business, let’s talk. Give us a call at 419.238.2520 or click here to fill out our form.


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