Autonomous Forklift AGV VNSL 14 Slim Pallet Stacker


Slim Pallet Stacker

Autonomous Forklift


Pallet Jack AGV

Autonomous Forklift AGV

VNP 15

Pallet Stacker AGV

Autonomous Forklift AGV

VNE 20

Truck Style Stacker

Autonomous Forklift AGV

VNR 14

High Bay Reach Truck

Autonomous Tractor AGV

VNQ 50

Material Transport Puller

Forklifts of the Future

Logistics and Warehousing: Pick and pack orders, transport materials, and move inventory around a warehouse.

Logistics and Manufacturing: Automated material handling collaborates seamlessly with automated equipment to integrate docks, production lines, and warehouses. This establishes streamlined processes, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of products.



High Flexibility



VNR 14

High Bay Reach Truck

The VNR14 is a reach truck AGV designed to achieve automatic and flexible material handling, material inbound and outbound, without changing the existing procedures or infrastructures, which greatly improves logistics efficiency.

Autonomous Forklift AGV
3086.47lb Rated Load Capacity
226.57in Fork Lifting Height
66.73in Minimum Turning Radius
4.47mph Maximum Driving Speed
127.95in Min. Stacking Aisle Width
98.43in Min. Turning Aisle Width

VNQ 50

Indoor & Outdoor Material Transport Puller

The VNQ50 is an autonomous tractor that possesses precise positioning ability. It can achieve automatic material transport both indoor and outdoor. VNQ50 is able to dock with the warehouse/production management system. It is equipped with protection system and auto charging function to enable it to work in complex situations with safety guarantee and better continuity.

Autonomous Tractor AGV
11023.11lb Rated Load Capacity
51.18in Minimum Turning Radius
4.92mph Maximum Driving Speed
66.95in Min. Stacking Aisle Width

VNP 15


The VNP15 is a counterbalance stacker AGV designed to achieve automatic and flexible material handling, material inbound and outbound, greatly improving logistics efficiency. VNP15 can work with varied carriers, such as pallets, storage cages, and can dock with WMS.

Autonomous Forklift AGV
3306.93lb Rated Load Capacity
118.11in Fork Lifting Height
56.02in Minimum Turning Radius
3.36mph Maximum Driving Speed
83.66in Min. Stacking Aisle Width
83.66in Min. Turning Aisle Width

VNE 20

Truck Style Stacker (Manual or Autonomous)

VNE20 is a counterbalance truck AGV, designed to efficiently achieve indoor and outdoor automatic material handling, material loading and unloading, in and out.

Autonomous Forklift AGV
4409.25lb Rated Load Capacity
118.11in Fork Lifting Height
72.24in Minimum Turning Radius
6.04mph Maximum Driving Speed
139.76in Min. Stacking Aisle Width
94.49in Min. Turning Aisle Width


Slim Pallet Stacker

The Slim Pallet Stacker Autonomous Forklift has a narrow body design with customizable forks and supporting legs
based on different scenarios. These features provide great flexibility, and strong adaptability.

Autonomous Forklift AGV VNSL 14 Slim Pallet Stacker
3086.47lb Rated Load Capacity
118.11in Fork Lifting Height
46.18in Minimum Turning Radius
2.91mph Maximum Driving Speed
82.68in Min. Stacking Aisle Width
72.83in Min. Turning Aisle Width


Pallet Jack AGV (Truck Bot Loading & Unloading)

By using 3D SLAM navigation +3D laser adaptive sensing, the project import is fast and the cross fetch repeat precision is high. The vehicle weight is light, can support cross-floor work; The length and width of the fork can be customized according to the scene, making the vehicle more flexible and adaptable.

Autonomous Forklift
4409.25LB Rated Load Capacity
4.92in Fork Lifting Height
57.32in Minimum Turning Radius
4.03mph Maximum Driving Speed
82.68in Min. Stacking Aisle Width
78.74in Min. Turning Aisle Width

Using wireless pulse ranging technology, the UWB safety warning kit can precisely measure the real-time distance between vehicles and personnel with an accuracy of 10 cm through the UWB micro station installed in vehicles and UWB tags worn by personnel.

The response distance of the UWB safety system can be set from 0.5m to 32m, and it can alert staff in advance
by flashing LED lights and tags.

Manage temporary storage areas with
Bright-eye system

The BrightEye System is a camera system that can be set up to manage an inventory area and help the trucks know where pallets are located. 

By adding a camera on top of the roof, the BrightEye System uses deep learning image identification technology to effectively identify goods, pallets, forklifts and operators in the warehouse. The system also helps AGVs to pick and unload goods accurately in complex human-machine mixed field scenarios. BrightEye, as the middle level storage location detection and monitoring system, complements central control system for smart scheduling and safety protection.

Autonomous Forklift FAQ

  • Hourly charge for install and programming.
  • Yes, VisionNav has its own software.
  • Yes, VisionNav RCS can work underneath existing WMS.
  • No yearly fee for software, upfront cost is it.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Planned scheduled maintenance is preplanned through the warranty period.
  • Atlanta, GA. Recommend site keeps spare parts based on location
  • No reported safety incidents.
  • Can do demos or proof of concepts on site to prove tasks.
  • Doesn’t have to be pallets, can be stillage, dunnage, carriers etc.
  • Fork trucks – Around 7 weeks
  • Top Lifters – Around 5 weeks
  • (All dependent on complexity)


  • Linde and Mima fork lift Chassis
  • Typically they can run on one shift and they usually have a 3-1 charging ratio (3hrs run – 1hrs
    charge). Also use opportunity charging to charge during the day.
  • Varies by model, some have steering controls, others need pendant.
  • No, chosen not to do this due to safety.
  • One charge for 2 trucks, charger varies by truck.
  • The fork trucks treat manual trucks like humans or other objects and stop if something enters
    their path. For long stretches like the aisleway, or sharp corners, we can install a traffic light on each end
    warning an operator if there is an AGV coming towards them.

Truck Features

  • Yes, there are 2 options (400-800mm or 400-1000mm).
  • Have not done this in production but open to develop as option.
  • Yes, this is an available option.
  • Yes, this is an available option if picking 2 separate objects. Objects must be picked at the same time and on same style of pallet.
  • VisionNav trucks can stack pallets and stackable dunnage.
  • SICK Safety Scanners are used.
  • Wearable safety devices (UWB) that alert pedestrians of fork trucks in area. Helps in blind spots.
  • The 360 degree scanner detects objects under the forks when the AGV is loading and stops.
  • Audible signals can be turned on with warnings of travel (ex. “Reversing, please step away”).
  • 3D Laser SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping).
  • 2D and 3D perception sensors that look for fork lift pockets.
  • Allows for picking pallets that are slightly skewed from the pick area.
  • Restricted space: +6°, +10cm
  • Unrestricted space: +15°, +20cm

Autonomous Vehicle Pre-Check Form

Please answer the questions as best to your knowledge so our team can better understand your needs.

All travel is indoors.
All travel is on concrete.
Concrete is free of large pits, cracks and damage.
All grades/slopes are under 15% (8.5°).
The operating temperature is between 23°F and 104°F.
The product is on a pallet or carrier of some type that can be picked up with forks or pulled by tugger.
The temperature variance from room to room is less than 35°F.
Site is running at least 2 shifts.
The environment is not overly dusty/dirty.
There will not be forklifts running in the same areas as the AGVs.
Creating Value For Customers

Creating value for our customers by focusing on industry pain points and improving logistics methods to create value for customers.
Learn more about the benefits and value our AGV’s can provide for your business.

Case Study: VNP15
In a recent case study, VisionNav delivered a solution comprised of AMRs, a VNP 15 counterbalanced stacker, and the RCS(Robot Central System) 2.0. This integrated system was seamlessly integrated with robotic arms, enabling centralized management. The solution helps our clients increase intralogistics efficiency and develop their business output.

  • AMR transports empty pallets to the palletizing station, awaiting the robotic arm for pallet stacking;
  • Once the robotic arm completes pallet stacking, the AMR transports the fully stacked materials to the warehouse’s area.
  • The VNP 15 autonomous forklift retrieves the fully stacked materials from the docking area and transports them to the warehouse racks.
  • The VNP 15 autonomous forklift retrieves the materials from the racks and delivers them to the docking area within the warehouse.
  • The AMR transports the materials from the docking area to the pallet disassembly station. The robotic arm then dismantles the required materials and transfers them onto the conveyor belt.
  • The AMR transports the leftover materials back to the docking area, while the VNP 15 autonomous forklift transfers them to their designated storage locations within the warehouse.

Case Study: VNP15
A home appliance manufacturer with production and manufacturing bases in many countries. One of their warehouses urgently needs to deploy the autonomous loading workflow to replace the sluggish logistic in light of the process from the conveyor line to the flatbed truck.

  • The project scene includes a flatbed truck with a compartment size of 269 inches*93 inches. The working site is flexible with a constant change of the truck position. The weather condition is also one of the obstacles for outdoor loading and unloading.

  • The floor of the carriage is uneven. If the system perceives the wrong truck data, it will cause cargo collision, failed loading, etc. In addition, the autonomous forklift needs to load the goods safely and ensure a safe space between materials.

  • The VNP15 autonomous forklift needs to connect with the conveyor line and the flatbed truck successively and cooperate with the delivery time of the goods to meet the customer’s loading speed. The process requires high requirements for the supplier’s system feedback efficiency and task planning capabilities.

  • In response to the needs of the outdoor flatbed truck loading scene, VisionNav proposed a full-process solution of “conveyor line + autonomous loading.” By configuring two VNP15 counterbalance stacker AGVs with a self-developed RCS central control-schedule system and Bright Eye truck detection system, so our client can realize production line horizontal transfer with dual vehicles onsite and autonomous truck loading to the flatbed truck.  
Case Study Autonomous Forklift VNP15

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