Pallet Industry

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Robotic Pallet Dismantler

  • Consistent throughput
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Increase ROI
  • Double output

The Urban Sawmill

  • Scan random deck and bottom boards for length, width and thickness
  • Optimize and trim to desired finished length
  • Individual sort bins capture the reclassified lumber of predetermined dimension
  • Increase current capacity, precision and lumber yield

Sort & Repair Systems

  • Easy maintenance and upkeep
  • Low out of pocket expenses
  • Increase worker longevity and employee candidate pool
  • Reduced training time


  • Sort multiple pallet types in seconds
  • Eliminate unnecessary repairs costs
  • Gain grading accuracy on every pallet
  • Save on labor

Why Pallet Automation?

In the pallet industry there’s an ever-increasing product mix and shorter production runs. Robotic automation can help you compete and thrive against your competitors by producing higher-margin, higher-quality custom pallets.

  • Robotics increase productivity
  • Flexibility to produce wider variety of pallets
  • Consistent quality – all week long
  • Reduce injury claims
  • Improve working environment and downtime

Don’t you think it’s time you let your robots to do the heavy, difficult work and allow your operators to do higher value tasks?

Check out our automation in action.

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