Material Handling Projects

Food and beverage is another industry that has required the help of Alliance Automation’s flexible automation products. The increased demand that each company faces is unique and every automation project must scale with the company as they grow. Automation projects in this industry focus on achieving technology goals across many processes and stages. Producing high-quality products at a high volume while keeping costs and human contact with food down are key challenges. Automation equipment is integrated into packaging, material handling, quality control standard inspection systems, and palletizing.

Automated Stack-Off Lines

Food and Beverage Industry

Key Functions

(3) Packaging lines each producing 17 cases per minute/3.5 seconds per case per line
Pallet refill station (every 30 minutes)
(5) Box variations
Max box weight 30lbs
(5) Package stacking configurations
Labeling system
Barcode scanning
Case packing error recovery process
Complete packout to shrink Wrap station
HMI integrates with company database


(3) Kuka KR 120 R3200 PA Robots
(3) EOAT w/ Vacuum Pick System
(1) Dunnage Transfer System
(3) Pack-out Conveyor Systems
(1) Full Dunnage Transfer Conveyor System
(3) CDLR Conveyors w/ Pop Up Chain Transfer
(1) Pallet De-Stacker System
(1) Stretch Wrap System
(3) Slip Sheet Stations with Cardboard Divider Stations
(3) Box Accumulation and Pick Conveyor Systems
(3) Label System Relocation
(1) Crowder Station
(3) Barcode Scanning Systems
(3) Barcode “Kick-Off Stations”

The Project

This once manual and repetitive process was transformed into an intelligent palletizing project that accepts packed and sealed cases from the weigh system. Here, the information is feed to the company database and a label is produced and placed on the case. Pass/fail procedures ensure the right information and boxes get added to the pallet and packing list. When the accumulation zone is full, the robots pick up cases and follow the preset stacking configuration until the pallet is full. A full pallet is then sent to the packout conveyor where it is feed to the stretch wrapper then onto unload conveyor. The complete automation project increases efficiency, improves ergonomics and saves time for material handlers.

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Case Packing System

Food and Beverage Industry

Key Functions

Processes 55 trays per minute and pack 8 trays per case
Controlled by the customer’s existing electrical control panel, PLC and operator interface   
Empty box is pushed from the existing box feed conveyor under the tray drop unit
Tray transfers from the existing feed conveyor to the dual rubber band conveyor
Sensor detects a tray and drops the tray into the box
Full box is then transfered to the existing box conveyor


6’ Motor Driven Roller (MDR) Conveyor
(2) Box Pusher Device (pneumatic cylinders and box present sensors)
Tray Drop Unit: (2) Servos, Rotating units have (3) tray holders
Dual Rubber Band Conveyor
Guarding Package – extruded aluminum frame with wire mesh panels
Safety Interlocked Access Door
Disconnect Enclosure – houses servo drives and fuses

The Project

A reduction in the number of operators used to pack trays into empty boxes had to be reduced to keep pace with rising costs. The automated case packer provided a solution to this manufacturing challenge. Alliance Automation reworked the existing conveyor system to feed the case packer with empty boxes and exit filled cases out to the existing line. This project was successful in cutting down on labor costs, making use of existing conveyor systems, and increasing the throughput rate.

Robotic Palletizing Cell

Food and Beverage Industry

Robotic Palletizing Cell
Key Functions

Cell can handle 19 different box product types
Designed to stack a max layer of 11 and a minimum of 3
Product weights are from 2lbs to 25lbs
Boxes are transferred to the cell from the production floor


(2) Fanuc R2000ic Robots
(2) Customized EOAT (End of Arm Tool)
(4) Stranded Chain Pallet Out Conveyor
(2) Pallet De-stack units, holds 10 pallets
Slip Sheet Station
(5)Empty Pallet Conveyors
(13) Pneumatic stop devices
(4) Box Conveyor, Band Driven Rollers
(4) Product Pick Tables
(4) Pneumatic Pallet Sweeps
(4) Pallet Stack Conveyor
(4) Muted Safety Light Curtains
(17) Photo Electric Part Sensors
(21) Proximity Sensors

The Project

This project was part of a long term, multiple phase strategic engineering plan to identify where to cut down on labor costs, make palletizing ergonomic and safer for employees, and centrally locate the palletizing area. Before this cell, operators would stand at the end of 7 production lines and manually palletize boxes on pallets. This setup removed 5 operators from the process and stationed 2 operators at the centrally located palletizing cell. The company received a cost-effective solution, gained a long-term automation partner, and the maintenance staff was trained to reduce down time on new equipment.

Food and Beverage Automation Opportunity Areas:

  • Case packers
  • Cartoners
  • Sleevers
  • Palletizers
  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Mechanical palletizing
  • Robotic palletizing
  • Traceability
  • Metal detectors and X-ray inspection
  • Seal inspection and seal checkers
  • Scales and checkweighers
  • Labeling
  • Form fill seal (vertical and horizontal)
  • Conveyance
  • Dispensing

Companies need a partner they can trust to install robotics, vision, laser inspection, sensors, and part testing into their production lines. Whether it is a fully automated line or specific tasks, automated equipment is ideal for completing repetitive tasks like moving parts across stations, applying sealants, and joining materials.

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