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Alliance Cekamon Partnership

Alliance Automation has successfully installed Robotic Pallet Dismantlers, Urban Sawmills, Sort & Repair Lines, and Badger Sawmill Series throughout North America for several years. With that type of success, you will get the attention of pallet companies in Europe. What do you do? You make new partnerships with companies in Europe that have knowledge and experience in the pallet industry and work together to offer a cohesive brand experience.

The partner that we chose to work with to bring our technology to the European pallet market and install our solutions is CekamonSAWS. CekamonSAWS (part of De With group) is a company located in the Netherlands and has more than 40 years of experience in the pallet industry. They are a solution provider in the field of sorting, repairing, dismantling, and producing pallets. They share a common core value with Alliance Automation and that is to ensure the proper solution is in place to meet their customers’ specific needs and reduce employee injury risks by improving the work environment.

So how will a partnership with a company in the Netherlands work?

Alliance Automation will work as a true partnership, with collaboration for each customer to bring the best attributes of both companies to help solve customer’s challenges. When a potential customer contacts either CekamonSAWS or Alliance Automation about our automation solutions, the request will be reviewed and the CekamonSAWS team may conduct an onsite evaluation to ensure the best possible solution. When a customer purchases a solution the CekamonSAWS team will work with the customer to ensure the installation time frame works, and that the installation is conducted properly. CekamonSAWS will also be the service contacts for all installed solutions in Europe. That is how this partnership will benefit our new customers across the pond.

Will Cekamon’s products be available in the States?

Many times when Alliance Automation upgrades a pallet company’s dismantling process with one of our Robotic Pallet Dismantling Saws, they still need to add to their facility a manual tear down saw. The Cekamon PalletSAW and Hydraulic Pallet Dismantler will be two of the solutions we will offer to our customers here in the States.

Working in Tandem

With a joint focus to improve safety, provide quality solutions and improve business, save on labor expenses and most of all reducing the carbon footprint on a global scale, Alliance Automation and CekamonSAWS will be successful in introducing next generation pallet automation to the European pallet industry.

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