Mixed Case Depalletizing

  • Configured to meet your unique needs
  • Manage variable pallet loads
  • Automation to optimize product handling
  • Proven technology in production environments
  • Software capable of autonomous decision making

Mixed Case Depalletizing

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Mixed Case Palletizing

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State of Distribution & Fulfillment

Companies are currently experiencing heightened demand due to both long-term shifts and short-term trends in consumer behavior. This surge in demand has placed pressure on distribution and fulfillment centers to enhance productivity, yet they are restricted by limitations in space and labor availability. In response, companies are actively seeking innovative solutions to establish a more robust and efficient order fulfillment process. Robotics emerges as a pivotal element in this endeavor, offering the potential to significantly expand automation within logistics operations.

Mixed SKU Depalletizing
Why Implement Robotics Now?
  • Supply chain continuity and efficiency
    • Keep up with consumer demand
  • Sustainability
    • Maximize use of existing footprint
  • Reduce labor force dependency
    • Longer operational uptime
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    • Scale up or change focus quickly
  • Track KPIs automatically
    • Data is readily available
  • Increase workplace safety
    • Reduce interactions between humans and forklifts
    • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Traditional robot systems are ideal for repetitive tasks
  • Enhanced capability in vision sensors, software and processing hardware have given robotics new capabilities
    • Intelligent robotics can take on complex tasks
    • Robotic systems are now able to improve performance after installation
  • How we program robots is becoming easier and more automatic
  • New business cases within logistics are becoming viable due to new capabilities and decreased cost of complex systems



Metal Bin Picking

Metal Bin Picking

Order Picking Piece Picking

Order/Piece Picking

Mixed SKU Palletizing

Single/Mixed SKU Palletizing

Mixed SKU Depalletizing

Single/Mixed SKU Depalletizing

Palletizing FAQ

  • Hourly charge for install and programming.
  • Yes, VisionNav has its own software.
  • Yes, VisionNav RCS can work underneath existing WMS.
  • No yearly fee for software, upfront cost is it.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Planned scheduled maintenance is preplanned through the warranty period.
  • Atlanta, GA. Recommend site keeps spare parts based on location
  • No reported safety incidents.
  • Can do demos or proof of concepts on site to prove tasks.
  • Doesn’t have to be pallets, can be stillage, dunnage, carriers etc.
  • Fork trucks – Around 7 weeks
  • Top Lifters – Around 5 weeks
  • (All dependent on complexity)


  • Linde and Mima fork lift Chassis
  • Typically they can run on one shift and they usually have a 3-1 charging ratio (3hrs run – 1hrs
    charge). Also use opportunity charging to charge during the day.
  • Varies by model, some have steering controls, others need pendant.
  • No, chosen not to do this due to safety.
  • One charge for 2 trucks, charger varies by truck.
  • The fork trucks treat manual trucks like humans or other objects and stop if something enters
    their path. For long stretches like the aisleway, or sharp corners, we can install a traffic light on each end
    warning an operator if there is an AGV coming towards them.

Truck Features

  • Yes, there are 2 options (400-800mm or 400-1000mm).
  • Have not done this in production but open to develop as option.
  • Yes, this is an available option.
  • Yes, this is an available option if picking 2 separate objects. Objects must be picked at the same time and on same style of pallet.
  • VisionNav trucks can stack pallets and stackable dunnage.
  • SICK Safety Scanners are used.
  • Wearable safety devices (UWB) that alert pedestrians of fork trucks in area. Helps in blind spots.
  • The 360 degree scanner detects objects under the forks when the AGV is loading and stops.
  • Audible signals can be turned on with warnings of travel (ex. “Reversing, please step away”).
  • 3D Laser SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping).
  • 2D and 3D perception sensors that look for fork lift pockets.
  • Allows for picking pallets that are slightly skewed from the pick area.
  • Restricted space: +6°, +10cm
  • Unrestricted space: +15°, +20cm

Autonomous Forklift Pre-Check Form

Please answer the questions as best to your knowledge so our team can better understand your needs.

All travel is indoors.
All travel is on concrete.
Concrete is free of large pits, cracks and damage.
All grades/slopes are under 15% (8.5°).
The operating temperature is between 23°F and 104°F.
The product is on a pallet or carrier of some type that can be picked up with forks or pulled by tugger.
The temperature variance from room to room is less than 35°F.
Site is running at least 2 shifts.
The environment is not overly dusty/dirty.
There will not be forklifts running in the same areas as the AGVs.

Mixed Case




  • Configured to meet your unique needs
  • Manage variable pallet loads
  • Automation to optimize product handling
  • Proven technology in production environments
  • Software capable of autonomous decision making

Mixed Case



  • Single & mixed SKU

  • Intelligent packing computation

  • Support placing into any container

  • Container detection

  • Case damage prevention

  • Label orientation control

  • Auto speed control

  • Auto vision calibration

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