The Urban Sawmill

The Urban Sawmill will not only increase your facility’s throughput, it will also provide visibility into production and inventory. Each day, you will receive an Urban Sawmill Shift Report that will breakdown shift runs from the previous day.

Gain insight into the following:

  • General shift information
  • Inbound board data broken down by hour
  • Recipe data counts with and without cuts
  • Snapshot of the last five days of production
  • Reject breakdown
  • Fault code recap
  • Glossary of terms

The Urban Sawmill

The increased reclaimed wood from the Robotic Pallet Dismantler gave rise to the next automation challenge; sorting and cutting. The Urban Sawmill processes individual pieces of lumber through a vision system to determine length, width and thickness to trim the lumber to the preset dimensions to maximize every piece of lumber. The cut lumber is then dropped into the appropriate bin to remove the need to manually stack the lumber.

From the first board to the last board cut, you will have accurate inventory to sustain your business.

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