Alliance Automation Launches New Machine to Pallet Industry

New Product Launch – The Urban Sawmill

Our team recently launched a BRAND NEW product to the Pallet Industry market – The Urban Sawmill.

The Urban Sawmill

The new Urban Sawmill system is a machine that has never been introduced to the Pallet Industry market before now, and offers pallet recyclers worldwide an opportunity to innovate their used lumbar sortation and trim operations.

What does this mean for companies looking to implement the new Urban Sawmill system?

Quicker run times. Increased accuracy. Greater ROI.

How does it work?

In addition to the benefits stated above, pallet recyclers can expect to increase safety, precision and throughput with the NEW Urban Sawmill. This one of a kind machine allows you to reduce the number of employees working on your pallet line, and in turn, put them on higher-value tasks. The Urban Sawmill system will scan random deck and bottom boards for length, width and thickness then optimize and trim to the desired finished length. Individual sort bins capture the reclassified lumber of predetermined dimension.

This system has the ability to allow you to increase your current capacity, precision and lumber yield. For your greatest ROI and value, the Urban Sawmill is best paired with our Pallet Dismantling System. While this system can be used in for all wood types, it is best utilized for used wood pallets. You can learn more about our Pallet Dismantling system by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a system that produces greater results and greater ROI, let’s talk. Click here. 

Customer Success Story – Kamps Pallets

Hear firsthand how the new Urban Sawmill system has helped Kamps Pallets – a leader in the Pallet Service Industry – reduce downtime, increase precision and produce a greater ROI.

To learn more about Alliance Automation and how we are helping businesses like yours thrive in the Pallet Industry, click here. 


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